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It has been about 39 months since we completed our "rightsizing" project. If you have not visited us recently, you may be surprised to see that our front door has moved about 20 feet up the block. We're still here but with a slightly smaller consolidated space. Factors like the current economy, and the amount of time that a larger store requires convinced us that rightsizing was in order. So if you visit and something doesn't seem "the same", we're consolidated into the Heartworks side of the store. We still have all the primary categories (Jewelry, Toys, Decorative Accessories, Clothing, Candy, Cards, etc.) with about the same selection as always. Due to space limitations, some secondary categories were adjusted to accommodate the new space. If there are items that you can't find and have been displaced, let us know. With customer help, we will continue to develop the best product mix and balance for our customers. New product is arriving daily for Christmas. We look forward to your next visit.

As of 12/03/2012, the City of San Marcos is engaged in some large infrastructure projects which require detours. We hope you will persevere, and continue to shop with us.

We often get questions about online sales or catalog sales. We do mail-order sales for customers who can identify what items they want (e.g. scent beads, oils, etc.) but are too far away to visit us. If you are interested in specific items, please call to check inventory and place an order. We ship USPS and charge you what they charge us; Texas sales taxes apply.

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